Sunday, June 29, 2008

Diablo III

Just wow. The interface of Diablo III is promising to become one of the best-looking (and as I know Blizzard also one of most useable) interfaces out there... I love how they kept the memorable pieces of the original interface (the 2 big glass-spheres filled with liquid), but updated everything to the pretty and polished look that World of Worcraft is known for. The subtle and simple minimap, the overhead healthbars, the dialogue-mode when 2 characters talk, the sounds when you move stuff around in the inventory... I'm telling you, that this is going to be good. But see for yourself: Gameplay Trailer

Friday, June 6, 2008

John Nack writes about future photoshop UI changes

Check it out on John Nack's blog - there's a video there too...

I for one never liked floating panels and was extremely happy about the new UI in CS3 and think that they're continuing to head down the right road... And it's a funny story how they got on that road:
Macromedia copied Adobe's interface -> Adobe sued Macromedia -> Macromedia developed its own, better interface -> Adobe bought Macromedia and took on the new UI...